5 films screening in Toronto

Posted on Aug.15 2015

We are celebrating two world premieres at Toronto IFF: Guy Edoin's VILLE-MARIE and PARISIENNE by Danielle Arbid. The prestigious festival will...

  • Chasukes Journey is out in cinemas in Japan today moviehellip
  • Knock knock DenisCote comingsoon cinema
  • Well that was fabulous last nights World Premiere of TheViolinTeacherhellip
  • Cannes film festival is finally over Happy to go homehellip
  • Some enthralling reading ahead hopefully cinema goodreads bookstagram
  • UnderElectricClouds hits cinemas in Russia June 4 photo by underelectriccloudshellip
  • Filming of embargoed is well underway
  • Lazy Sunday documentary bees nw
  • All seems ready for the release of EisensteinInGuanajuato in cinemashellip
  • Looking good! TheWayHeLooks cinema festival
  • If its BelaTarr related we have to have it BelaTarrObsessedhellip
  • EmbraceOfTheSerpent on the big screen movie bigscreen movietime
  • Sunday  movie time yes TheWayHeLooks has arrived in Spain
  • We know what well be watching this weekend How abouthellip
  • France get ready! ShortSkin is coming to cinemas on Junehellip
  • Ready for the summer almost  movieshirt cinema RockTheCasbah summerready
  • Difret has arrived in France! Paris metro cinema
  • Things gonna get messy TwoStep opens in US today cinemahellip
  • Perfection from every angle TheWayHeLooks bluraycollector cinema bluray
  • The trophy has arrived MonumentToMichaelJackson cinema festival




A Film by Alexander Sokurov

2015 - Fiction/Documentary - 87 min.



A Film by Danielle Arbid

2015 - Drama - 119 min.



El Cinco

A Film by Adrián Biniez

2014 - Comedy / Drama - 100 min.


A German Youth

A Film by Jean-Gabriel Périot

2015 - Documentary - 93 min.


Short Skin

A Film by Duccio Chiarini

2014 - Comedy / Drama - 86 min.